Booking a Carer - Independent Contractors

30 hours or less per week.

 As an independent contractor, a Carer can commit to specific days of work with a Client on a short-term or ongoing basis.  Such Carer will continue to collect a daily agency fee to be remitted to Melbourne’s Leading Nanny Agency.  The engagement of a Carer on an infrequent, short-term or ongoing basis in the capacity of an independent contractor does not require a Client to guarantee permanent work for the Carer, and the engagement can be terminated at any time.

  • The Carer's hourly rate will be determined in consultation with you after Melbourne’s Leading Nanny Agency assesses your work requirements and considers, for example, the number of persons to be cared for, ages of persons to be cared for, required duties, qualifications and experience of the Carer, current market trends and any specific or unique circumstances which you may have.
  • As independent contractors, such Carers are responsible for their own tax payments. You are not liable for the payment of holiday or sick leave where a Carer is so engaged and it is for this reason that we suggest that a Client may wish to contribute a nominal sum to the Carer during family holiday periods to secure their continued commitment.
    As a Client engaging a Carer, you need to effect Work Cover insurance for a Carer where annual fees is $7,500 per annum or more.  For your individual requirements please phone Work Cover Advisory Service on 1800 136 089
  • If you do not require the Carer for a pre-arranged booking or wish to change the booking time, you will need to contact Melbourne’s Leading Nanny Agency directly to cancel the booking and to enable alternative work to be sourced for the Carer on that day where possible.  Please note cancellations less than 12 hours prior to commencement or at the door, will incur a cancellation fee as per the fee and pricing table.  This will be invoiced to you by the Carer and may be charged direct to your credit card by the agency in the event that the carer does not receive direct payment within seven days.
  • If the Carer is ill or unable to attend your booking, they will phone Melbourne’s Leading Nanny Agency first.  Melbourne’s Leading Nanny Agency will endeavour to locate an alternate Carer if required by you.  There are periods of the year where demand out ways supply and the Agency may suggest other solutions.
  • In the event that you require your Carer to transport family members in his or her own vehicle during working hours, additional costs over and above the usual daily travel fee shall be payable.  This can be either a lump sum amount or agreed cents per kilometre, to be arranged and confirmed (in writing where practicable) between the Carer and you.  You should ensure that the Carer has appropriate child safety restraints and vehicle insurance policies as this is not Melbourne’s Leading Nanny Agency' responsibility.
  • At the conclusion of each booking, the Carer will provide you with a Tax invoice which will include an amount to cover the applicable booking fee payable to Melbourne’s Leading Nanny Agency by the Carer.  The amount set out in the Tax Invoice is payable immediately and directly to the Carer unless you are notified of an agreed redirection of a Carer's fees to Melbourne’s Leading Nanny Agency, for example where the Carer is in arrears with their monthly agency fee payments to Melbourne’s Leading Nanny Agency.  In this case the Agency will request full or part payment direct to the Agency from you the client.
  • Requested bookings for a Carer's services must be arranged via Melbourne’s Leading Nanny Agency and not the Carer directly. Melbourne’s Leading Nanny Agency must be informed of all bookings with Carers to avoid duplication or double-booking and to avoid a breach in terms of agreement.