Who's Who at Melbourne's Leading Nanny Agency

... chose to end her career in Fashion, Merchandising and Business Management to become the proud mother of three gorgeous children, Lachlan, Jessica and Reggie now 13, 11 and 1 years of age and a naughty little dog named "Larly" who loves spending her days at the office next to (or on) Annie's Desk.  Annie is currently on working from home and enjoying caring for fat chops Reggie and her 2 older children Lachlan and Jessica.

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... lived in Armadale for 10 years or so and made the big move to the sleepy seaside suburb of Brighton, she has found the dog beach and is working out which cafés, grocers and butcher are the best.

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Wendy has been with us for years, she has worked in the Nanny Department, the Cleaning Department and has also been our Human Resource Manager. Wendy is curently our Office Manager and Cleaning Consultant. Wendy can help you with any Cleaning or Housekeeping inquiries and looks after Marketing, Advertising, IT, Accounts, Admin..... almost everything

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...Georgia started with us way back in mid 2010 as our trainee receptionist, completed both Certificate 3 in Business, Diploma of Business and is currently studying an Advanced Diploma of HR Management.  Georgia has spent time in pretty much every department in the business gaining extensive experience in the interview, selection and reference checking process. 

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... job shares her role with Georgia, they look after all part time and fulltime, casual and permanent Nanny Placements. Jen creates new client profiles and helps negotiate the bones of the employment arrangement, she mediates with integrety and offers guidance, advice, coaching and training to both the Carers and Clients.  Jen has worked for Foxtel and Channel 10, her background being in Advertising and Television.

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... Lizzy is one of our longest standing office staff members.  She has turned her hand to almost every department in the office and has a great overview of how things work.  Lizzy has a passion for helping people and has gained great joy from creating relationships with both the Carers and Clients alike.   In 2013 Lizzy is taking a well earned rest and heading off on a few holidays and to share time with her family.  Liz will return to hold the position of Office Support and Project Manager.   Liz will also reference check applicants from time to time and is a super star when it comes to weeding out the good from the bad.  She will also takes care of the weekend emergencies when Chris is away or being social.

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... Christina is our delightfully amazing trainee receptionist who joined the crazy team here at the agency in early 2013 . Christina is currently studying her Certificate III in Business Administration and absolutely loves it! Let’s hope she decides to do her Cert 4 and Diploma afterwards. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge!!

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... Blair first came to the agency in 2011 as a HR intern from Monash University. After finishing her Business and Commerce degree in 2012, Blair set off for Europe enjoying the sights of London, France, Spain, Italy and Greece (are you jealous?). When she returned, MLNA needed a helping hand and Blair was more than happy to assist.

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... is our office dog. She lives with Annie and comes to work each day. She spends her day being patted by all the office staff and helps to sniff out the best Nannies, Babysitters, Housekeepers, Cleaners and Elderly Carers.

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